Keep Kids Safe From Hot Gas Fireplace Glass

Each year, millions of people enjoy the warmth, comfort and ambiance of their hearth products during the heating season. Caution should be taken, however, when operating fireplaces and stoves. Most gas fireplaces have fixed glass surfaces that are hot and can radiate a tremendous amount of heat into the living space. These surfaces may often be in excess of 500°F during peak operation and can remain hot well after the fire is out. It’s easy to understand how these temperatures can cause burns, particularly on the tender hands of young children and infants. So, what can be done?


Good childhood training about the hazards of fireplaces is very important. Educating your children on all of the dangers that are present in the home is always a good idea, not just those associated with the fireplace. Nevertheless, the importance of preventing them from getting potentially life-altering scars from an encounter with hot fireplace glass cannot be overemphasized.


Being aware of the danger is a solid step in the right direction. The following list of safety tips will help you safely enjoy your gas fireplace that much more:

  • After turning off your gas fireplace, wait at least 45 minutes for the appliance and glass panel to cool before you let children near the fireplace without supervision.
  • A physical barrier (i.e., a fireplace safety screen or safety gate) is recommended, especially if there will be children near the unit. Safety screens that are attached to the fireplace or are placed within a close proximity to it will still conduct heat, however, they will reduce the chances of burns if a child accidentally touches the safety screen.
  • Install a switch lock to prevent children from being able to turn the unit on, and keep the unit’s remote control out of reach of children.
  • Metal surfaces (e.g., the outer frame of the gas fireplace or a safety screen) will also get hot, just not as hot as the smooth glass front of the unit. It is best to simply avoid contact with all metal and glass surfaces until the fireplace has been shut off and cools down.
  • Never leave young children alone near an operating fireplace.
  • Discuss fireplace safety with all guests and make sure they know they, too, should never touch the fireplace’s glass panel or any of the hot surfaces when the unit is on or cooling down.
  • Remember that the glass may remain warm if your particular unit has a lit pilot light. Always allow an adult to test this to make sure it’s not too hot.

And there you have it! Unfortunately, the attraction of the fire to children and the possibility of a toddler (or a clumsy adult) losing his/her balance and falling against a gas fireplace glass are realities, even with proper education about the dangers. Gas fireplaces have hot glass surfaces that can cause personal injury in certain situations. For a modest amount of money, the chance of injury can be dramatically reduced. To help protect against inadvertent contact with these hot surfaces, we recommend using an optional safety screen.

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