If you own a wood stove, it is important to take the right steps when caring for it. Properly cleaning your wood stove will not only help it last longer but will also keep you and your family safe from potential dangers. A clean chimney allows for proper airflow and will reduce the likelihood of excess debris catching on fire, making your home much safer.


If you burn in your wood stove frequently, follow these cleaning tips to keep things running as efficiently as possible.

  • Clean out ash every few days. Ashes should not be allowed to build up, as they could then start blocking the pathways for proper airflow. When removing ash, be sure that the fire has completely burned out and cooled, then scoop it into a metal container. Once contained, keep the ash away from anything flammable and allow it to cool for at least a day. Never put ash directly into your garbage, as this may cause safety hazards for your home. It is also advised to leave around one-half to one inch of ash inside of the fireplace to help start future fires.
  • Clean the glass. There are certain steps to follow when cleaning the glass door of your wood stove. First, make sure your stove is completely cooled, to protect yourself from injury. Transfer some fireplace glass cleaner to a clean cloth and wipe your door, using small circles. Let that dry, then remove any leftover residue with a fresh cloth. This will keep your stove looking fresh and will reduce the risk of future build-up.
  • Help prevent creosote. Creosote is highly flammable and a build-up of it is a huge cause of house fires. It will accumulate slower if certain procedures are followed. First, throughout the burning season, burn with the draft control open for about ten or fifteen minutes every morning. Only use properly seasoned wood (it should not be green or wet) and keep the damper open for about ten or fifteen minutes when adding new wood. Burning smaller fires will also reduce creosote build-up, as they will burn hotter than a large fire.
  • Keep up with inspections. Inspect your chimney on your own every couple of months, to ensure that it and the connector are looking clean and are allowing for efficient airflow. It is also important to have your chimney and stove professional inspected and cleaned around two times a year if used frequently. A professional will know how to properly remove any excess debris and can advise on further maintenance procedures.

Call the professionals at SirVent Chimney and Venting Service today and schedule a cleaning and inspection. We can offer peace of mind, ensuring that your chimney is up-to-code and safe to use for you and your family.