If you fear a leaking roof, then you are not alone. Moisture penetration in the home can mean water-stained walls and rotted wood, both of which are unsightly and cost a lot to repair. Avoid this issue altogether by investing in chimney flashing. This will help keep your home leak-free for years to come and will save you a lot of stress and extra costs down the line.


There is a lot of information out there about the importance of waterproofing your brick to keep water out, but not a lot of people know what flashing is. The point at which the roof and the chimney meet is a common entry point for water to get it and start causing damage. The flashing is what protects this area from outside elements and keeps your home and roof safe and dry.


There are many potential issues you may face, should you choose to neglect your flashing. Often times the damage caused by leaks and excess water are far more costly and time-consuming than the cost of regular upkeep. Get your flashing inspected today and avoid these issues.

  • Rust and Decay: The chimney itself, as well as the walls and surrounding areas, will face a lot of decay and deterioration should water be given the opportunity to penetrate them. This means unsightly stains and rot, as well as replacement costs for all the rusted metal components of the chimney (such as the chimney cap and fireplace accessories). On top of this, water can eventually make its way to your furniture and belongings, causing mold and mildew build-up.


  • Clogged Pathways: Owning a chimney means dealing with a lot of excess debris that needs to be cleaned out regularly. Adding moisture to this debris build-up makes it thicker, heavier, and that much harder to cleanout. By keeping water out, you further avoid the possibility of tough clogs and other nasty build-ups.


  • Nasty Odor: If you have a wood-burning chimney, then you know about creosote build-up. When water mixes with creosote the end result is not pleasant. This combination creates a foul odor that could permeate your home and soak into your curtains and furniture. Avoid this unpleasant scenario by fixing water problems before they start.


  • Chimney Collapse: If your chimney has problems with leaking, then getting these issues fixed right away is important in ensuring the longevity of your brick. The more moisture that gets sucked into the brick and mortar, the more likely your chimney is to break down entirely. A collapsed chimney means a lot of costly and time-consuming home repairs. Also, should your chimney collapse when someone is home, your family could be facing a lot of potential danger.

Save yourself the headache of dealing with these issues by taking preventative measures early on. Inspecting your chimney and flashing can be dangerous, and trying to install flashing to fit your unique chimney set-up is not ideal, even for the advanced do-it-yourselfers. Call in an expert today to get your flashing inspected so that you can keep your home and family dry for years to come.

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