Spring is here and with it comes sunshine and warm weather. This means that homeowners everywhere have the opportunity to host outdoor events and parties, bringing enjoyment to their friends, family, and neighbors. If this sounds like a great way to spend your spring and summer, you should consider investing in an outdoor fireplace or fire pit.

There are two main options when making a purchase of this nature. These are wood-burning and gas-fueled. Both are great choices for outdoor fun and both have different benefits. Knowing the difference between the two is important in finding the best product for your specific needs. Find more information below.


Wood-burning options are great for maintaining a classic look and feel in your backyard space. They are generally less expensive to install and the fuel source is renewable, making it a cheaper option across the board. If you have a lot of access to wood and are willing to put in maintenance, as far as extra clean-up and upkeep, then this is the better option for you. Your friends and family will love the authentic atmosphere and you will gain a genuine outdoor experience for any guests you invite over.


With gas-fueled varieties, you have less overall smoke and clean-up is made much easier. They are also much easier to light, as no wood or kindling is required. You simply flip a switch and you have a fire. Although they are more expensive to install and maintain, many feel that this is worth it for the added convenience. There is also more installation required, as gas lines are needed in order for it to function.


Knowing which option is best for you will be based on what you need to use the fire pit for. When it comes right down to it, gas options are much easier to maintain. If you want to be able to come home and enjoy your fire pit right away, without adding extra work to your day, then go with a gas option.

Then again, if you love the outdoor experience and have easy access to firewood, then a wood-burning option may be best for you. They are much cheaper to build initially and the ambiance they offer cannot be beaten. Many view the maintenance involved as a fun hobby and, if you have the time to commit to it, this will be a great investment for your home.

Whichever option you decide on, you can rest assured that you are making a great choice. You will add a fun way to spice up your backyard and entertain guests. At SirVent Chimney and Venting Service, we have the tools and expertise needed to set up you right. Give us a call today!