When it comes to protecting your home and family, you can never be too careful. Keeping everyone healthy and out of harm’s way is always the overall goal. By taking proper precautions and educating your children on various techniques regarding their safety, you will go a long ways in avoiding injury. One major thing to stay informed on is fire safety and the importance of keeping a chimney and fireplace properly maintained.


If you own a fireplace, the biggest step you can take in preventing a potential fire is scheduling regular inspections and cleanings by a professional. When dirt, debris, and creosote accumulate in a chimney, the risk of something catching fire increases dramatically.

Birds and other critters turn to chimneys for building their nests. While it may seem like the ideal, warm spot for nesting their young, these leaves and twigs quickly cause blockages, meaning your fireplace cannot run properly. If smoke cannot escape and flammable material starts to build up, this leaves the perfect opportunity for a fire to occur.

Too much creosote is hazardous, as well. Creosote is known for being highly flammable and has triggered many chimney fires. If things are not venting properly, creosote will accumulate faster, thus emphasizing the importance of maintaining a clean fireplace.


If you are considering cleaning your chimney yourself, you may be taking on a very big job. While it seems doable, there are a lot of steps involved and it is hard to know which chemicals and tools will be the most effective. It is also difficult to ascertain whether or not every nook and cranny was addressed or if there may be debris hidden throughout the chimney, waiting to cause issues.

Hiring an expert is always the safest and smartest option. That way you can rest assured knowing your fireplace is safe to use and your family is free to enjoy relaxing evenings by the fire.


Consider these other safety tips when lighting fires on a regular basis.

  • Install Alarms: People often underestimate the role smoke and carbon monoxide detectors play in saving lives year after year. These products should be tested regularly and the batteries should be replaced on a regular basis.
  • Make A Plan: Be certain that all people residing in the home know what to do and where to go, should a fire occur. Review this plan regularly and practice it from time to time to ensure everyone is on the same page.
  • Never Leave A Fire: There is no reason good enough to leave a fire unattended. Always be sure someone is around and awake to watch a flame that is still burning. Also, be sure to clear away any flammable materials for added precaution.

At SirVent Chimney and Venting Service, we care about your safety, and we will take all of the appropriate steps to ensure your fireplace is ready for use when cold weather arrives. Give us a call today to schedule a cleaning!

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