Why Do You Need a Chimney Cap?

If you are having problems with your chimney, then it might be time for a chimney cap! Chimney caps play a huge role in keeping your appliance running well, and they protect your chimney from all types of things that could cause it harm. In fact, the Underwriters Laboratories states that any chimney without a cap won’t meet their safety standards – there’s no doubt they play an important role for your fireplace!

Learn more about chimney caps by checking out their many benefits below. Then, find out how the staff at SirVent Chimney and Venting Service can help you out today!

They Keep Animals Out

A major reason to have a chimney cap installed is to keep out pesky woodland critters. Birds, raccoons, squirrels, and more can easily work their way into a chimney system and set up camp. It’s the ideal location to build a nest or keep warm during bad weather… and once they are in, they can be a hassle to remove! Some birds are even illegal to remove, meaning you’re stuck with them until they decide to leave.

On top of that, animals who enter a chimney often won’t be able to find their way back out of it. Once they start to decay, you’re left with nasty odors and, more than likely, pest infestation – not good at all! Chimney caps cover the chimney, so it won’t be possible for animals to enter anytime soon.

They Reduce Water Damage

Chimney caps also protect your chimney from excess moisture. Water and masonry don’t go well together, and too much exposure to rain and bad weather can lead to rot, rust, stains, clogs, and all types of decay and deterioration. Chimney caps offer an extra layer of protection so rainwaters won’t have easy access to your chimney.

They Help Prevent Fires

Stray sparks and embers can easily work their way up a chimney and land on your roof. This situation could lead to a house fire, putting your entire home and family at risk! Chimney caps help prevent these sparks from getting anywhere by stopping them dead in their tracks.

…and More!

On top of everything, chimney caps can also keep out any excess dirt and debris, ensuring that build-up won’t plug up your flue, and they also block downdrafts on those extra windy days. They are an all-around fantastic product to invest in, and any sweep would highly recommend having one installed if your chimney is without one!

SirVent Chimney & Venting Service can find the right chimney cap for your specific chimney, and we are certified to install it, too! You won’t find experience and expertise like ours anywhere else… Give us a call today, and we will set up you with an appointment. There’s no time to lose!