Gas Appliances Need Inspections, Too!

Have you recently purchased a gas fireplace or stove? Or maybe you’ve upgraded your wood-burning appliance to a gas-fueled one? Whatever the case, homeowners everywhere are loving the convenience gas appliances have to offer – and they’re a lot less messy, too! That being said, this more modern take on a fireplace doesn’t change the fact that yearly inspections are absolutely necessary.

Learn more about inspections and gas appliances below!

How Your Chimney Is Harmed

Wood-burning appliances are known for producing creosote, which can put a lot of wear and tear on the system (and fast). Yet, just because the residue left behind by gas appliances isn’t as obvious doesn’t mean it’s not there. Your chimney is still used to properly vent out the fumes and gases from your fireplace, all of which cause corrosion in your system.

The worst part is, these damages are hardly noticeable until it’s almost too late. What could have been easy fixes, if addressed right away, are now costly and time-consuming repairs. You’re always better off in the long run if you invest in your annual inspections. That way, a sweep can diagnose any issues early.

It’s not worth the added stress, not knowing whether or not your system is safe for use… allow yourself the peace of mind you deserve and get your inspection on the books today!

Increasing Overall Efficiency

On top of increasing the overall lifespan of your appliance, annual inspections help to ensure everything is running as efficiently as possible. Sure, gas appliances save on energy costs and they’re better for the environment, too… but only if they are properly installed and maintained. Fireplace systems are intricate and knowing the ins and outs takes time, practice, and a lot of training. Get a professional’s eye on the job, so you know you’re good to go all year long.

Hire a CSIA-Certified Professional

When it comes right down to it, there is a lot to consider when operating a gas appliance and there are many possible reasons you may be facing issues. Whether it’s the venting system, excess moisture in the flue, problems with drafting, built-up residue, corrosion, or something else, a CSIA-certified chimney technician will know how to handle your unique situation.

And if you live in the Greater Lake Norman area, then you are in luck! SirVent Chimney and Venting Service have been doing business in this area for years, and our staff has been trained and certified by the CSIA so that we can better serve our customer base. The cool winds of winter are not far away… have your system inspected soon, so you’re all set for the holiday season that is fast approaching. Contact us now before the fall rush. We can’t wait to hear from you soon!

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