With spring in the air, many homeowners are clearing out ash from their fireplaces and calling it quits for the year. Warmer temperatures generally means less fireplace use, leaving our team with more availability until the busy fall season comes back around. With an open appointment book, we encourage homeowners looking for a new fireplace to contact us now!

Installation work can be a big job to tackle, but our professional and qualified crew is ready to handle the job. Find the perfect fireplace for you and your home by giving us a call today. We’ll set you upright so that, when cooler temperatures come back around, you’ll be able to enjoy endless fires night after night!

If you’re wondering what type of fireplace to invest in, why not consider a Rumford? Learn more about this design below, then give us a call today! We can’t wait to work with you!


Rumford chimneys originated back in the late 1790s when Benjamin Thompson, or Count Rumford of Woburn, Massachusetts, wrote essays about how heating and fireplace construction could be improved. These essays revolutionized the fireplace industry and introduced the world to the Rumford Fireplace.

It wasn’t long before nearly every homeowner owned a Rumford. Thomas Jefferson would later go on to build them, and he even wrote essays trying to improve their design after some building techniques got lost in translation. Unfortunately, Rumford’s original thoughts weren’t interpreted correctly as the years went on and Rumford Fireplaces soon decreased in popularity.


Fortunately for homeowners in today’s world, Rumford’s original texts are still accessible. By applying modern insight and technological advances to these essays, experts were able to bring Rumford’s vision back to life making these fireplaces a staple in many homes throughout the country. And, at SirVent Chimney, we’re happy to sell and install them for you!


What Rumford was well known for was his passion for pushing heat back into a living space. He aimed to produce designs that would radiate heat towards the fireplace opening and into the home so that the residents would get the heat output and efficiency they were hoping for. If this sounds like something you need, then a Rumford would be an ideal choice for you!

Along with this, Rumford strived to ensure smoke escaped up and out of the chimney like it was supposed to, so no one was left with a smoke-filled room. Due to the Rumford Fireplace’s rounded breast, heat enters the room without bringing smoke and fumes in with it. In coming up with this unique design, Count Rumford truly made a name for himself and showed folks in the modern world that he was well ahead of his time!


For installation and repair work, there is no crew more reliable than the CSIA-certified team here at SirVent Chimney & Venting Services. We love what we do, and when we can make a homeowner’s vision come to life, that’s a great feeling! Let us help you out by answering any and all of your questions, so that you find the right fireplace for your home, no matter what. Call today!