How to Properly Dispose of Fireplace Ash

If you own a wood-burning fireplace, you may be wondering about the best techniques for ash removal. Or maybe you haven’t given it much thought at all… just toss the ash in the trash and call it good, right? Wrong! Improper disposal of fireplace ash could lead to some potentially dangerous situations for your home and family as embers in the ashcan stay alive for days on end.

At SirVent Chimney & Venting Service, we want to help you stay as safe as possible in 2018. Study our tips below for how to properly remove fireplace ash, then count on us for all of your fireplace and chimney maintenance needs. Together we can make this year the best one yet!

Do You Have the Right Tools?

First things first, proper ash removal requires the proper equipment. Use a metal scoop to remove the ashes, then place them in an appropriate storage container to ensure no accidental fires are started throughout the home.

Your ash bucket should be made of metal and slightly raised at the bottom so that the bucket itself does not touch the floor. It should have a handle, so that it can be transported easily, without harming the person moving it. The bucket should also have a lid so that no oxygen can get in and ignite any stray embers. Investing in a good, sturdy pail from the start will benefit you greatly down the line – it’s definitely a worthwhile purchase!

Where to Store It

Once the ash has been placed in the proper container, it should be kept in it for multiple days. Never leave the bucket on a wooden or flammable surface. It should be placed on metal, brick, or concrete to eliminate any chance of your home’s woodwork catching on fire.

When your bucket is filled and placed in a safe environment, there’s no rush to empty it. In fact, the longer it sits, the better! You deserve to rest easy as we enter 2018, so take all of these steps into account. Follow them every single time you remove your fireplace ash. You’ll gain the peace of mind you deserve, and you’ll ensure your home and family are staying as safe as possible!

Why Removing Ash Is Important

Getting ash out of your fireplace regularly is an important step in fireplace maintenance. We understand it may not be a fun job, but it’s necessary for the health of your system. You’ll be happy you did it down the line. When too much ash is present, it can actually draw in moisture that will trigger rust, and damage your masonry and brickwork. A small layer of ash is fine, and can even be helpful for starting future fires, but once it starts to pile up, it should definitely be removed as soon as possible.

For more help with your chimney or fireplace, give the CSIA certified staff at SirVent Chimney a call today – we can’t wait to help you out soon!