Choose a Rumford Fireplace for your Home

Many homeowners are making the decision to install a fireplace in their home. Not only does a fireplace increase the value of the home, but it offers a cozy atmosphere that everyone residing there can enjoy. While making the decision to purchase a fireplace may be an easy one, when it comes to picking one out many find themselves struggling.

At SirVent Chimney and Venting Service, we have a variety of options and our experts are happy to help. One popular selection that we would like to highlight is the Rumford fireplace. Rumfords were popular in the early 1800s and have been modified throughout time to run in a way that efficiently heats your home, while maintaining a pleasing appearance.


There are countless reasons why you should pick a Rumford fireplace for your home. Check out just some of the many benefits you will gain with this purchase!

  • More Heat: The way that these fireplaces are designed enable them to more efficiently heat your home. This means more comfort for you and your loved ones, plus lower heating bills throughout the cold weather months. They have a large open mouth meaning no one will be complaining about freezing temperatures as long as there is a Rumford in the home.
  • Less Smoke: Since these designs are taller and more streamlined, smoke backing up into the home will be the furthest issue from your mind. This design enables the smoke to be drawn up and out of the home, keeping your furniture and other belongs in top condition and ensuring the health and safety of your entire family.
  • Classic Appearance: Rumford fireplaces are great because they appeal to a modern sense of style, while maintaining a classic, timeless look. Their design is reminiscent of older times, due to their extensive history, yet the newer models are made to fit in well with the look of homes in today’s society. They are a hit in any home, and friends and neighbors will surely be complimenting your great taste.

The team at SirVent Chimney and Venting Service is happy to help with any of your fireplace needs. If the Rumford fireplace sounds like the perfect fit for you, then stop on by or give us a call today! We will get everything installed and ready to go so that you will be all set before fall and winter hit. After you have put your fireplace to good use, be sure to give us a call for your yearly cleaning and inspection, as well! We will stop by and ensure that everything is working correctly and that all components of the fireplace are functioning as efficiently as possible.

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