Want a Fireplace? We Can Install One!

Christmas and Thanksgiving will be here soon! When you envision your ideal holiday gathering, is there a crackling fireplace somewhere in the scene? This is the case for most, but many consider the thought of a fireplace a far-off dream. Well, this doesn’t have to be the case for you! Here at SirVent Chimney & Venting Service, we can find the right fit for your home in no time.

Rumford Fireplaces

If you are looking for an option that really delivers on heat output, then a Rumford may be the way to go. Rumford fireplaces are designed to heat large areas with ease, and doing so is never a problem thanks to their large firebox openings. They also have a more streamlined throat, which encourages smoke to safely and efficiently escape out of the home.

If this sounds perfect to you, count on our team to get yours installed now before cool weather officially sets in!

Bellfire Fireplaces

Now, Bellfires are highly efficient and they require very little refueling, as well. They are designed with an open hearth, so homeowners can get a smooth, streamlined design with all of the heat and comfort they are hoping for. They also won’t leave you stressed out with a smoke-filled living space. Our experts know all there is to know about Bellfire fireplaces, so call today with any questions. We’d be happy to help!

Factory-Built/Prefabricated Fireplaces

Love the thought of a fireplace in your home, but struggling with the expense of having a masonry option built? Consider a prefabricated unit. These styles are known for being quicker and easier to install, and their lightweight design offers you more flexibility as far as placement options within your home. And they won’t cost as much to install, either!

Keep in mind, though, that factory-built fireplaces won’t last you as long as a masonry fireplace would. For those that aren’t looking for a long-term commitment, this is the perfect route to take. You’ll get several years of use out of it without having to have something actually built into your home.

Whatever You Choose, Count on Us

No matter what you decide on, trusting a CSIA certified professional to tackle the job is very important. When it comes to installation work, do-it-yourself attempts usually end up not meeting the correct codings and regulations associated with fireplaces, and your home and family could end up at risk. For instance, you will be more prone to experience dangerous situations such as house fires, chimney fires, and carbon monoxide leaks.

It’s not worth taking any chances! Keep your household safer and more comfortable with every passing year by trusting in our team with it all – we’re just a phone call away.

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