When temperatures are at their lowest, getting inside and cuddled up to a cozy fire is the ideal scenario. This is one of the biggest benefits of owning your own fireplace and is definitely something you should take advantage of, but proceed with caution when lighting a fire when the weather is cold. Taking your time and making sure that the fireplace is heated properly will ensure that everything is running as efficiently as possible and that your family can enjoy this luxury to its fullest.

Too Much Smoke

If your fireplace has become cold due to lower temps outside, you should not be quick to light it up, as this may cause unwanted smoke inside the house. Since cold air is able to enter the fireplace from the outside, the chimney becomes filled with it. The temperatures inside of the house are warmer and more stable, so the cold air pushes its way in, while the chimney is not in use, cooling down the house. In the end, this will cause less of a draft, since temperatures throughout are more consistent, and will cause smoke to enter the home when a fire is lit.

How to Proceed

So, how can you enjoy your fireplace, while keeping the smoke outside? Here are some tips.

  • Start Small: Do not attempt to build a big fire right away in hopes of heating things up quickly. Rather, slowly heat up your chimney. Warm-up your damper with a small fire or even use a hairdryer in the chimney to get the air flowing more properly. This will help warm up the area so that the hot air is moving upwards, instead of the cold air moving downwards. Once the airflow is corrected, your fireplace should be ready to light and you can enjoy your evening.
  • Block Cold Air: Do your best to keep low temperatures from affecting your chimney and home with a proper-functioning damper, plugs, or a door designed for fireplaces. This will help in preventing cold air from entering your home and can make the process of re-heating your fireplace easier when the time comes.
  • Get Inspected: If these tips are not working and smoke is still entering your home, seek out a professional for more guidance. Getting an inspection from a certified professional is always a good idea to maintain proper chimney and fireplace upkeep, especially when it comes to drafting issues. They will advise you on any other problems you might be having that could be causing more cold air to flow into your home and can offer tips as far as resolving unwanted issues.

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