Schedule Your Sweeping This Summer (Before the Fall Rush)

When it comes to regular sweepings and inspections, we hear from a lot of people in the fall and winter. Homeowners need to get this maintenance done before the cold weather hits, and they often forget to get it scheduled until the last minute. We love to help out all of our customers, but that time of year can get pretty hectic as we try to squeeze everyone in.

Because of this, we like to encourage our customers to schedule their cleanings now, before our schedules get packed. There are many benefits to crossing this off of your to-do sooner, rather than later. Learn more below.

Get the Appointment Time You Want

We get that everyone has different schedules, and that service work needs to be booked around already busy lives. Unfortunately, when our books fill up, reserving a time slot that’s convenient for you is harder to do. We try our hardest to work around our customers’ schedules, but it’s simply not always possible during the busy season. To get the time slot you want, schedule your cleaning now, before the big rush hits!

On top of that, you now have one less thing to worry about this fall. Chimney sweeping? Done!

Allow Time for Repairs

If we find damages throughout your system, these need to be addressed before your appliance can be run. Those who wait until the last minute are often left without a fireplace for part of the colder months. We wouldn’t want you to miss out on adding a warm and cozy aesthetic to your holiday parties, which is why we encourage taking care of these repairs now – instead of waiting until the last minute.

Not only will our books be wide open to serve you quickly… our materials can cure properly too! This temperature range is ideal for most chimney repairs. When we work on your system, we don’t want to leave you with short-term fixes. We want to apply to the best products and get the best results possible! Schedule your repairs now to ensure they stand the test of time.

Help Us Stay Safe

On top of everything, we would much prefer summer maintenance over winter, because we want to keep our staff safe. We have been faithfully serving this area for years, and we have our loyal and hard-working staff to thank for providing such great customer service time and time again. To ensure that we can serve you to the best of our abilities, help us out by scheduling repairs now, instead of waiting until it is icy.

Check Us Out!

On top of cleanings and repairs, we offer a lot of other services, too! We do installations, dryer vent cleaning, and we can troubleshoot your chimney problems in no time. Our CSIA certified sweeps are ready, willing, and qualified to help you out today. Give us a call to set up your appointment now!

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