A fireplace adds immense character to any home and it is no wonder why many homeowners choose to incorporate them into their household interiors. Yet, the responsibility that comes with owning a fireplace should not be underestimated. Handling a fireplace with the proper precautions is essential in maintaining a safe home. SirVent Chimney and Venting Service take pride in providing the best and safest service when it comes to chimney and venting care. Because of this, we are proud to announce that we are officially NFI certified, ensuring our customers that their safety and satisfaction are our top priority.

What Does This Mean?

The initials NFI stand for National Fireplace Institute. This agency is set in place to monitor the installation and technical processes involved in professionally maintaining a fireplace. They also work to make sure every company and person with their certification is following proper procedures while working on fireplaces.

Gaining an NFI certification assures customers that our workers have taken the time to gain immense knowledge of proper fireplace care. When it comes to venting, heat protection information, proper fuel selection, maintenance of the hearth and its appliances, and countless other fireplace needs, being NFI certified ensures commitment to taking essential safety precautions seriously.

Why Fireplace Maintenance Is Important

The dangers of owning a fireplace should not be viewed lightly. Here are a few of the many potential threats homeowners may face if proper chimney and fireplace care are not maintained.

  1. Toxic fumes – Having your fireplace properly inspected by a reputable company is essential in keeping the air in your home pure. If your chimney is blocked, cracked, or leaked, this will make venting toxins to the outside of your home more difficult, thus causing the inside to be filled with hazardous fumes.
  2. Creosote – Creosote is a type of brown oil that builds up in a chimney when wood is burned within it. If too much of it accumulates, there is a highly increased likelihood that a fire will occur outside of the chimney. This emphasizes the importance of getting your chimney cleaned by a professional on a regular basis, to ensure that all parts of the fireplace are properly maintained and checked for safety.
  3. Improper Burning Techniques – There are many rules to follow when maintaining a fireplace, such as not using charcoal, proper use of the damper, not burning plastic or hazardous materials in the fireplace, and many more. By trusting our certified experts at SirVent Chimney and Venting Service, you can rest easy knowing that we will provide you with the tools and knowledge needed to use your fireplace in all of the correct ways, allowing you to relax and enjoy this beautiful part of your home.

These reasons, and many more, are why proper care for fireplaces is so important and why SirVent Chimney and Venting Service saw the importance of becoming NFI certified. This certification further proves how important our customers’ needs are and ensures us that we are providing the best possible care for anyone who chooses our services.

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